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It all looks great
From the Faculty Lounge
The Autocratic Method
In the Faculty Lounge

You can’t see for the roses
Through poison ivory
Is this shirt the right color
For the Faculty Lounge

Do you think this ribbon
Goes with brown

Dreaming up solutions
In the Faculty Lounge
For the absolution
Of the kids on the grounds

Kids afraid of their shadows
Double-parked in safe space zones
It’s the curriculum
In the Faculty Lounge

If you think for yourself
We’ll mark you down

We’ll take your brightest for a fee
Reprogram them ‘til they see
All the flaws in who they want to be

They’re our subjects in the lab
We’ll throw their freedom on the slab
Give them triggers they never knew they had

It all sounds great
In the Faculty Lounge
Pushing theories that put
Millions in the ground

We rule Kinder College
Here in Sombertown
Where snowflakes fall
All year round

Melting at the thought
Of a different sound

Music and lyrics by Jim Loeffler
© 2021 Shining City Media LLC. All rights reserved.